We have officially launched our IGNITE Diploma Showcase!

First City University College hosted a Diploma Graduation Showcase featuring works of 55 students from its Faculty of Design & Built Environment starting from Wednesday, 23rd August until Sunday, 27th August. The 5-day event showcases 6 students’ accumulative artworks throughout their study period from Diploma of Interactive Design and 49 final year project presentations by students of Diploma...[Read More]

29th Summer Universiade 2017 Taipei

Welcome home, Choon How and Cheong Min, our hero and heroine of the 29th Summer Universiade 2017  Taipei! We are proud of you!

Malaysian Songket Fashion Award 2017

Date:9 September 2017 We are proud to announce that our Fashion Design student NAGALAKSMI a/p SELVADURAI has made her way to being a top 20 finalist in the Malaysian Songket Fashion Award 2017. We wish her all the best and we look forward to seeing her win and to have her songket masterpieces showcased in Istana Budaya..Congratulations for making it to this point. We’ll be rooting for you!!

AFECA Asia MICE Youth Challenge 2017

Date:8 September 2017 Woot woot! We are proud to announce that our Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Events Management) students were crowned champion in the AFECA Asia MICE Youth Challenge 2017 in Taiwan yesterday. Congratulations to Taylor’s team, not to mention Chong Kah Kei for being awarded as one of the best presenters.

Fitness Industry Professional Talk

  Are you business minded? Or are you into sports? Why not BOTH!! We have exactly what you WANT! Come and join us for Fitness Industry Professional Talk: Marketing Strategies and Challenges. Details are as follows: Date : 12th September 2017 (Tuesday) Time : 2.00 – 4.00 pm Venue : Mini Theater, Block 2, IUKL Fees : RM 10 (Students), RM 20 (Staffs) Speaker : Mr. Gajen Kumar – Team ...[Read More]

Asia Illustration Collection Exhibition 2017

Date : 6 September 2017 It was a great pleasure for Dasein Academy of Art to support the Asia Illustrations Collections Art Exhibition 2017. Dasein Fine Art alumna, Caryn Koh, together with Dasein Fine Art & Illustration students will be creating four murals on 27 August 2017 live, from 11am to 6pm at Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur, Ground Floor Central.


故事大纲: 故事讲述演出前导演突然消失了,只剩下团队继续完成演出,期间导演与女主角之间的问题逐渐浮出水面,导演的消失也引起了团队之间的猜疑。演出前更在女主角身上发生一连串诡異的事,这场演出是否能顺利上演呢? 演出日期与时间: 2017年9月8日 (星期五)8pm 2017年9月9日 (星期六)3pm,8pm 2017年9月10日 (星期日)3pm,8pm 地点:新纪元大学学院 黑箱剧场 订票热线: 刘爱婷CANDY LAU:011 2121 7907 杨智荑YONG ZI YI:016 901 3427 丘学敏SAMMI HIEW:012 305 7436


Date: 7 September 2017 本校四名学生梁德耀、陈文强、郭芷燕及郭安琪于8月31日参加为期四天的第五届ntv7及八度空间校园主播培训营。 举办培训营的目的主要是为了培育未来的新闻主播与记者人才,并且让营员们更深入和全面的了解新闻制作的过程。 参与本次校园主播培训营的同学有机会踏入八度空间主播棚内录制一段新闻,并有机会参观ntv7《活力加油站》与《E7》的节目录制现场。 另外,同学们也参与多位媒体人如主播陈嘉荣、王菁忆、叶剑锋等其他讲师的经验分享,可说是获益不浅。

You be the judge!

What will the courtroom of the future be like? We don’t know for sure, but our Faculty of Law’s intelligent learning lab, the e-Moot Court, will make sure you’re ready for anything the legal profession of tomorrow throws at you. Groundbreaking stuff or technological fluff?

29th Sea Games Kuala Lumpure 2017

Date : 30 August 2017 Another silver medal! Congratulations to Chew Yiwei for winning the silver medal in the 10M Springboard diving competition! Yiwei is currently pursuing his Diploma in Computer Science at HELP CAT

2017 檳城游學之旅 宏願開放大學

Date-17 June 2017 2017 檳城游學之旅 計一月份在巴黎BWW會議後, 再次有機會在檳城BWW會議做國際MC。 近這兩年,每次出國進修,一定會有不同的引誘及誘惑想我停止學習,比較說教少五日水賺少$4000幾,化妝$1000幾,演講既機會。。。。 在學懂放手的過程一點也不容易,因為舒適圈太安全了,但是不放就不能得到更好的,今年父親節我在異國,出發前請了父母喝茶,有種感覺是他們白髮多了,我不再加快腳步成長,父母要到何時才能安心退休呢? 我相信孝順有很多種,與我相同的年輕人在香港有很多,勤勞工作用行動希望有一天爲家人們換取過更好的日子。 我到現在也是嘗試求變,能力嘗試的產物。 有一位貴人同我們説,年輕人要多嘗試,因為早點遇到困難才是好事,一帆風順是失敗的盲點。 有人話90後不再年輕了,但是真正決定我們的年齡是大腦,因為思維影響行爲。每天進步一點點保持對世界的連接,世界每天在進步...[Read More]

Batch 148 Graduation Showcase | Art Quack

Our batch 148 Graduation Showcase Exhibition entitled ‘Art Quack’ was recently held at Lot 33, Convention Hall, Prangin Mall, Penang from the 25th to 27th August and officiated by YB Yap Soo Huey. The showcase featured the amazing artworks of the talented graduating students from the Digital 3D Animation, Graphic and Multimedia Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design Technology and Architectural T...[Read More]

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